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BoD’s Arkush: The Consequences of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘antisemitic views’

31 May, 2018

By Anna Mikhailova, Telegraph, 30.05.18 Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by one of Britain’s most senior Jewish leaders of holding “anti-Semitic views” which could drive Jewish people out of Britain if he becomes Prime Minister. Jonathan Arkush, the outgoing President of the Board of Deputies, said British Jews were for the first time asking “do […]

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Sociologist David Hirsh Digs Deep to Explain Antisemitism and The Left

3 May, 2018

Sussex Jewish News, February 2018, p. 14 Book Review by Winston PickettSometimes the first two sentences of an author’s work explain everything. At other times they offer hints of what’s to come. In David Hirsh’s case, they do both.“This book is about antisemitism in social spaces which think of themselves as anti-racist and democratic,” writes Hirsh, a […]

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Jeremy Corbyn can’t pretend he has only just noticed

27 March, 2018

The Labour leader refers to ‘pockets’ of antisemitism in his party but fails to say that for 30 years he was in them too   Hugo Rifkind, The TIMES, 26 March 2018   Did you know that Jeremy Corbyn’s mother fought at the Battle of Cable Street? I know it’s a well-kept political secret, a […]

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SFI Supports Campaign Asking Union Leader to apologise for dismissing antisemitism in Labour Party

4 October, 2017


Unite trade union leader Len McCluskey appeared to dismiss cases of antisemitism in the Labour Party last week when he gave an interview saying he had “never been at a meeting where there was any antisemitic language or any attacks on the Jewish nation; they would have had short shrift at any meeting that I […]

In Exclusive Brighton Engagement Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Praises SFI for Countering Media Bias

4 September, 2017

SFI in the News

Earlier this summer, Sussex Friends of Israel had the pleasure to hear an incisive talk by Dovid Efune, editor-in-chief of the Algemeiner, a New York-based Jewish media outlet which, under Efune’s leadership has arguably become the fastest growing Jewish media outlet in the United States. Effune addressed a packed audience at Ralli Hall on “Israel […]

Barcelona Attack Hits Near Kosher Restaurant, Keeping Jerusalem on Edge

18 August, 2017


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to the ministry’s situation room soon after the attack to monitor developments. The Jerusalem Post, 17 August 2017 With thousands of Israelis currently on vacation in Barcelona at the height of the summer tourism season, Jerusalem carefully monitored the situation there following Thursday’s terrorist attack, trying to track down all […]

British Left-Wing Sexism & Antisemitism: Two Peas; One Pod

18 August, 2017


My comrades on the Left flaunt their moral superiority. But many of them are the most racist and sexist of all Trevor Phillips, Daily Mail 16 August 2017 Trevor Phillips is the Former Head Of The Commission For Racial Equality Jess Phillips, the MP for Birmingham Yardley, said Left-wing men ‘don’t think of [women] in […]

Remove Holocaust Denier David Irving’s Works from Manchester U

17 August, 2017


Sussex Friends of Israel supports the initiative by Northwest Friends of Israel: (For background, click here.) Manchester University has refused to move works by David Irving from open display on library shelves or to label them as “Holocaust denial” literature. According to the IHRA definition of anti Semitism which has been adopted by the […]

Surprise: BOTH Palestinians and Israelis Don’t Want a ‘One-State’ Solution

15 August, 2017

International | Thought Pieces

Tablet Magazine, 9 August 2017 By Yair Rosenberg Last week, Israeli and Palestinian pollsters released their annual temperature check on the two nations’ attitudes towards peace. As usual, narrow majorities of both publics voiced support for a two-state solution, and as usual, this fact grabbed most of the headlines. But a far more interesting finding, one that also represents long-running […]

It’s All Right to Enjoy a Good BDS Fail

15 August, 2017

Thought Pieces

Pro-Israeli and Pro-Palestinian protestors at the Shalom Festival in Scotland. (photo credit:RESERVISTS ON DUTY) Commentary Magazine, 11 August 2017 By Jonathan Marks It is tricky to assess the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. On the one hand, one does not want to underestimate the damage to Israel’s reputation done by even unsuccessful […]

University refuses to move books by Holocaust denier David Irving

9 August, 2017


The Times, 6 August 2017 By Sian Griffiths Manchester University has come under fire for refusing to move works by David Irving from open display on library shelves or to label them as “Holocaust denial” literature. In recent months, growing numbers of British universities, including Cambridge and University College London (UCL), have reclassified works by the […]

Israeli Show, Once Closed by BDS, Returns to Edinburgh Fringe

8 August, 2017

International | National

The New Scotsman, 29.08.17 Brian Fergusson An Israeli theatre company forced to cancel its show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe three years ago because of political protests is to return to the event for the first time this year. Incubator Theatre was targeted by anti-Israeli protesters in 2014 because it received funding from the Israeli […]

Nikki Haley Slams UN Human Rights Council Over ‘Pathological Campaign’ Against Israel

8 June, 2017

International | Videos

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. Photo: US Mission to UN. Ben Cohen, The Algemeiner, 6 June 2017 Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, excoriated the international organization’s Human Rights Council over its anti-Israel bias in a toughly-worded speech before the council’s 35th session at UN Headquarters in Geneva on Tuesday afternoon. Speculation […]

Still Stuck Between May and June of 1967

7 June, 2017

Thought Pieces

The Six Day War at 50, Yossi Klein Halevi, The New York Times, 6 June 2017 JERUSALEM — As far as the world is concerned, June 5 marks the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War. For Israelis, though, the anniversary doesn’t begin on June 5, when the fighting broke out between Israel and its Arab […]

Anger over ‘Star of David’ symbol on Labour poster

7 June, 2017


Corbyn supporters in Bristol erect banner showing Magen David earrings on Theresa May ‘to highlight her relationship with Israel’ Daniel Sugarman, Jewish Chronicle, 6 June 2017 A giant left-wing political banner in one of Britain’s biggest cities has been condemned as antisemitic for portraying Theresa May wearing Star of David earrings. The banner, which was […]