SFI Supports Campaign Asking Union Leader to apologise for dismissing antisemitism in Labour Party

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Unite trade union leader Len McCluskey appeared to dismiss cases of antisemitism in the Labour Party last week when he gave an interview saying he had “never been at a meeting where there was any antisemitic language or any attacks on the Jewish nation; they would have had short shrift at any meeting that I was at,” and when asked why people would make these allegations, he said: “Because they wanted to bring Corbyn down, it’s as simple as that.”

Please take part in the We Believe in Israel email campaign to him asking him to issue a public apology and recognise that victims’ complaints need to be investigated not dismissed. Click here.

Anyone who is concerned by his remarks should send an email using the link above, but if you are a member of Unite or the Labour Party please alter the text to state this as it will add weight to your complaint.

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