Sussex Friends of Israel and the Ecostream Store, Brighton

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Sussex Friends of Israel and the Ecostream Store in Brighton

Sussex Friends of Israel is disappointed that Sodastream has chosen to close its experimental green refill Ecostream store in Brighton and concentrate on its successful UK retail distribution network. Ecostream, the packaging-free green concept store in a green city was clearly ahead of its time.

The global pro-Israel support for the store has been extraordinary and we are grateful to everyone that has stood up to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and Palestine Solidarity Campaign to support our philosophy of building bridges not boycotts.

Where there is hate-filled anti-Israel rhetoric, Sussex Friends of Israel will ensure that the facts are heard so that informed decisions can be made rather than simply listening to those that shout loudest.

Sussex Friends of Israel defends Israel’s right to exist and will continue to support the numerous local Sussex stores selling Sodastream products and other Israeli goods that have been targeted by the BDS.

Sussex Friends of Israel is dedicated to developing greater support, awareness and understanding of Israel through education, communication and community partnership with many of these programmes already under way.