SodaStreams are back! The retro drinks machine is cool again

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SFI sodastream machine

By KATY WINTER Mail on line

Queen of the kitchen and TV cooking Loraine Pascale has sparked a monumental sales increase in the retro kitchen gadget the SodaStream.

The Baking Made Easy presenter declared ‘Oh yes, it’s official. Bubbles…are back’ on her twitter feed sending fans heading for the SodaStream website to snap up the latest must-have kitchen gadget.

Stylish soft drinks maker, SodaStream, has seen sales of it’s Source machine nearly double in the past week after Lorraine was the latest star to tweet about using the drinks maker.

Home improvement guru Linda Barker also revealed her love of SodaStream earlier this month, tweeting a picture of a black Source machine sitting alongside a silver tea set in her stylish kitchen.

She captioned the picture: Couldn’t resist it! Get me with my trendy new black SodaStream in my trendy black stale kitchen. Bring on the fizz!’

While Jamie Oliver has taken the kitchen gadget to whole new levels showing viewers of the Jonathon Ross show how to make champagne using white wine and a soda stream!

‘Here is a genuine tip. Champagne is really very expensive. But this is what you can do; for a fraction of that price. You can get a decent bottle of wine, for say £7, and, this is no word of a lie, if you put it in the SodaStream, an ok bottle of wine will bubble up to be much better than an ok bottle of champagne.

‘When you know how to use the machine, it is brilliant!’

The drinks company saw an 85 per cent increase in sales of it’s Source machine in the past week, as would-be domestic goddesses look to follow Lorraine’s lead and jump on the trend for home-made sparkling water.

Recently voted one of UK’s Cool Brands, SodaStream is all claim to be healthier than regular fizzy drinks (its mixes contain a third of the calories of shop-bought fizzy drink) and help to save the planet at the same time as using water direct from the tap and a reusable carbonating bottle, Source can save the average home 2,000 wasted plastic bottles per year.

Celebrity support from TV chefs Jamie Oliver and Linda Barker is helping the revival of the SodaStream Source is SodaStream’s most design led machine yet, created by globally renowned designer Yves Behar. Behar – selected by America’s TIME magazine as one of the world’s top style and design visionaries – who is widely recognised as a global leader and innovator in sustainable design.

Source is available in a range of colours and finishes with prices starting from £99.99, available in John Lewis, Curry’s and Harrods, as well as online at

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