SFI Supports National Rally for Israel’s Prime Minister

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Now is the time

For three years Sussex Friends of Israel, Pro-Israel Response Group and other grassroots organisations have been at the forefront in the fight against the latest incarnation of antisemitism – an unvarnished hatred that groups like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) subsume under the guise of ‘anti-Zionism.’

For three years we have recognized the danger posed by BDS and the PSC – and that the rules for supporting Israel have fundamentally changed. We’ve learned that more direct action is needed.

This week, we need to translate that lesson into action.

This coming Wednesday the Prime Minister of Israel will be in the UK to hold direct talks with Prime Minister David Cameron. As expected, the BDS and others have publicly pledged to make his visit as unpleasant as possible.

Unless, of course, we do something about it – something that demonstrates in a concrete, physical way that the UK is still loyal, strong and committed to Israel and refuses let its people down.

Wednesday is not about Benjamin Netanyahu or his policies and politics. It is about showing our support for the democratically elected Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

Make no mistake: the BDS are not showing up in London to oppose a certain policy or political party in Israel.  They are rallying against Israel’s right to exist.

To be sure, being ‘friend of Israel’ today is sometimes neither easy nor convenient. It takes conviction, passion and belief. But sometimes it means simply being there when needed. Wednesday is such a time.

Clicking ‘like’ and writing FaceBook or Twitter posts are important ways to show your support. But sometimes it’s more important to ‘up your game’ and take your commitment a step further. Wednesday is such a time.

It’s simply not an option to allow any Prime Minister of Israel to arrive in the UK only to be faced with a sea of animosity.

Join us on Wednesday. Together we can help to show fellow Israelis as well as the rest of the world that Britain is – and always will be – a friend of Israel.

If you’re working in London, it may be difficult to get away. It might be a challenge because of work or other commitments. And yet, even if you leave work for an hour and join us in Central London, your support will make a difference.

Join us on Wednesday. Help counter the hate and the lies of the BDS and the PSC. Show the world what it means today to be a friend of Israel.

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Further information will be made available on SFI’s Facebook page and The Israel Advocacy Movements Facebook page.

Or write us at info@sussexfriendsofisrael.org.

Thank you!

Sussex Friends of Israel