Protests fail to halt Brighton EcoStream party

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By Sandy Rashty, The Jewish Chronicle, August 15, 2013

An Israeli-owned shop in Brighton saw record sales during its first anniversary celebrations last weekend — despite being picketed by boycott activists.

Israel supporters from London and along the south coast flocked to the EcoStream store for the festivities.
Sussex Friends of Israel member Daniel Laurence described the event as “excellent — the shop was packed”.
A large protest by anti-Israel activists had been expected, leading to local police monitoring developments in the days leading up the anniversary.

In the event, only 30 boycotters turned up.

But one EcoStream employee said the protestors were “quite shouty and frustrating for us.
“There was a police van on stand-by, but the police could have been more proactive in helping clear the footpath outside the shop and stop protestors standing directly outside and putting flyers in people’s faces.”

He added: “But we ignored them and got on with it. It was the most sales we’ve had since we opened.”

The main event of the day was a performance by pre-op transsexual Chelsea Fox, a former JFS student.
“She really infuriated the boycotters” said Mr Laurence. “One of them had to be restrained.”