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BoD’s Arkush: The Consequences of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘antisemitic views’

31 May, 2018

By Anna Mikhailova, Telegraph, 30.05.18 Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by one of Britain’s most senior Jewish leaders of holding “anti-Semitic views” which could drive Jewish people out of Britain if he becomes Prime Minister. Jonathan Arkush, the outgoing President of the Board of Deputies, said British Jews were for the first time asking “do […]

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Sociologist David Hirsh Digs Deep to Explain Antisemitism and The Left

3 May, 2018

Sussex Jewish News, February 2018, p. 14 Book Review by Winston PickettSometimes the first two sentences of an author’s work explain everything. At other times they offer hints of what’s to come. In David Hirsh’s case, they do both.“This book is about antisemitism in social spaces which think of themselves as anti-racist and democratic,” writes Hirsh, a […]

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Jeremy Corbyn can’t pretend he has only just noticed

27 March, 2018

The Labour leader refers to ‘pockets’ of antisemitism in his party but fails to say that for 30 years he was in them too   Hugo Rifkind, The TIMES, 26 March 2018   Did you know that Jeremy Corbyn’s mother fought at the Battle of Cable Street? I know it’s a well-kept political secret, a […]

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SFI Partner StandWithUs UK 5th Annual Student Conference

7 October, 2014


120 people, predominantly students from across the country joined StandWithUs UK for their 5th Annual Israel in Focus conference – celebrating five years of the organisation’s pro-Israel campus activism in the UK. The conference saw a gathering of over 80 students from all different backgrounds, faiths and political persuasions. Student leaders attending ranged from activists […]

Kick terror out of football protest against Qatar funding of terrorist groups

7 October, 2014

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By Raine Marcus, Radar PR: Media lawyer Mark Lewis: “It’s time for the referee of public opinion to blow the whistle and show a red card to Qatar.” September 21, 2014. LONDON. Around 150 people gathered outside London’s Qatar embassy today to protest its funding of terrorist organisations, especially as the Gulf state has […]

Israel mobilizes to deprive Qatar of the World Cup

23 September, 2014

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By James Dorsey Senior fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies One group has been conspicuously absent in the battle for greater transparency of global soccer governance symbolized by multiple corruption scandals and match-fixing: football fans, a key stakeholder with a vested interest in demanding a thorough cleansing of the management of the sport. […]

Rally outside Qatari Embassy on Sunday Kick Terror Out!

18 September, 2014


Friends, As you may be aware by now on Sunday, Sussex Friends of Israel alongside two other pro-Israel, grass roots, activist groups (PIRG and IFTF) are holding an event outside the Qatari Embassy in London. We all know that Israel is not the enemy. It is our intention, by standing together outside the Embassy that […]

SFI: We Demand that Qatar Stops Funding Terror

8 September, 2014

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WE DEMAND THAT QATAR STOPS FUNDING TERROR In recent weeks over 5,000 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel. Numerous terror tunnels, with the sole aim of kidnapping and killing Israelis, were found and destroyed by the IDF. Across the globe different Jihadist group seem to be well armed and ready to launch attacks not […]

From Liat Collins : : My Word: Gaza is no ghetto

24 August, 2014

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By Liat Collins – Israel treats Gazans in Israeli hospitals and provides (unpaid for) electricity and humanitarian aid even when under rocket attack. Talk about shoot to kill: I received a press release this week – mid-rocket attacks – proudly announcing the successful conclusion of filming of a docu-drama called What Does Anne Frank […] : A cure for ALL cancers is on the way

22 August, 2014


By: Giles Sheldrick The breakthrough came in a 16-year study of the only ­animal immune to cancer. The discovery by an Israeli specialist was last night hailed as “radical and potentially life-changing”. In a world first, Professor Aaron Avivi and his team found that cells from the blind mole rat and its cousin the […]

The : Sun, song and solidarity on south coast

21 August, 2014


SFI says: Pretty accurate, save for the reported numbers attending. SFI counted 300 half an hour before the rally started, other media rightly reported 1,000 rally for Israel and Peace By Daniel Easterman, August 21, 2014 Hundreds from across the country gathered in Brighton on Sunday, waving flags, holding placards and singing Hebrew songs in […]

Decorated Army Chief Accuses Hamas of War Crimes

21 August, 2014


by DONNA RACHEL EDMUNDS BRIGHTON, United Kingdom – A highly respected and decorated Army chief, Col. Richard Kemp, has accused Hamas of multiple war crimes including the targeting of Israeli civilians and the use of Palestinian children as human shields and suicide bombers. Speaking at the National Rally for Israel and Peace in Brighton […]

Sunday’s SFI Rally for Israel and Peace – join us for something special

15 August, 2014

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Col. Richard Kemp to speak at Brighton National Rally for Israel and Peace Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI), the Brighton and Hove based pro-Israel community activism group is hosting a National Rally for Israel and Peace on Sunday August 17, at Victoria Gardens in Brighton. The event, designed to allow Israel’s supporters from across the […]

Sussex Friends of Israel National Rally for Israel and Peace – Brighton

12 August, 2014


Speakers Col.Richard Kemp and Mayor Revivi from Eflat

TimesofIsrael: Israeli scientist leads search for Ebola cure

11 August, 2014


BGU virologist Dr. Leslie Lobel is developing a vaccine by studying the immune systems of the disease’s survivors BY RENEE GHERT-ZAND – Times of Israel Unlike many people, Dr. Leslie Lobel has not been shocked to hear about the current Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the largest ever recorded since the virus’s discovery in 1976 […]