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BoD’s Arkush: The Consequences of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘antisemitic views’

31 May, 2018

By Anna Mikhailova, Telegraph, 30.05.18 Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by one of Britain’s most senior Jewish leaders of holding “anti-Semitic views” which could drive Jewish people out of Britain if he becomes Prime Minister. Jonathan Arkush, the outgoing President of the Board of Deputies, said British Jews were for the first time asking “do […]

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Sociologist David Hirsh Digs Deep to Explain Antisemitism and The Left

3 May, 2018

Sussex Jewish News, February 2018, p. 14 Book Review by Winston PickettSometimes the first two sentences of an author’s work explain everything. At other times they offer hints of what’s to come. In David Hirsh’s case, they do both.“This book is about antisemitism in social spaces which think of themselves as anti-racist and democratic,” writes Hirsh, a […]

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Jeremy Corbyn can’t pretend he has only just noticed

27 March, 2018

The Labour leader refers to ‘pockets’ of antisemitism in his party but fails to say that for 30 years he was in them too   Hugo Rifkind, The TIMES, 26 March 2018   Did you know that Jeremy Corbyn’s mother fought at the Battle of Cable Street? I know it’s a well-kept political secret, a […]

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Israeli Company’s Futuristic Back Implant Can Repair Damaged Spines

10 January, 2014


By Miles Rosenblatt, NoCamels January 02, 2014 Bend. Flex. Extend. Rotate. Though these words are ordinary to most people, they (literally) send shivers down the spines of the millions around the world who suffer from chronic lower back pain. Premia Spine is an Israeli company looking to once again render these words innocuous to patients […]

Flourishing bilateral links most eloquent answer to Israel boycott calls

10 January, 2014


By Matthew Gould Op-ed: UK ambassador to Israel says flourishing bilateral links between two countries are most eloquent answer to Israel boycott calls It is easy to write a news story about bad news. When the UK and Israel disagree, it creates headlines. But what often fails to make the news is the flourishing […]

Blog: Israel’s “beautiful resistance” to suicide bombers

9 January, 2014

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A response to St James’s Church Rector Lucy Winkett By Richard Millett St James’s Church’s Rector Lucy Winkett’s defence of her church’s installation of a replica of Israel’s security wall in a piece for The Guardian is a legal and moral failure. First the legal side. She states that Israel’s wall is “illegal under international […]

Times of Israel: Blog: Another revolution in Galilee

9 January, 2014


By Lyn Julius A revolutionary man of God is preaching in the Galilee. His purpose is salvation. But unlike Jesus 2,000 years ago, the aims of Greek Orthodox priest Gabriel Nadaf are a little more down-to-earth. He wants to achieve salvation for Christians in Israel by encouraging them to integrate in Israeli society. “We were […]

How Sussex Friends of Israel are fighting back against the boycotters

2 January, 2014


Sandy Rashty – the JC January 2, 2014 Pro-Israel campaigners in Brighton have adopted a novel approach to activism There is a “war” going on in Brighton, with grandmothers as troops and cakes and bagels among the weapons. The conflict involves a band of pro-Israel supporters who have adopted an imaginative approach to the business […]

Dr. Denis MacEoin’s letter to St. James Church

1 January, 2014


The Times of Israel St. James’s Church in Piccadilly, London is hosting a Christmas festival with a giant replica of the separation barrier in Israel, which it incorrectly claims surrounds Bethlehem. (While portion of the barrier is close to Bethlehem it is misleading to claim that it even approximately surrounds Bethlehem). Dr. Denis MacEoin is […]

SodaStreams are back! The retro drinks machine is cool again

26 December, 2013

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By KATY WINTER Mail on line Queen of the kitchen and TV cooking Loraine Pascale has sparked a monumental sales increase in the retro kitchen gadget the SodaStream. The Baking Made Easy presenter declared ‘Oh yes, it’s official. Bubbles…are back’ on her twitter feed sending fans heading for the SodaStream website to snap up the […]

A Palestinian child makes a short, vital journey

26 December, 2013


From Hebron to Holon, a Palestinian child makes a short, vital journey Four-year-old Muath was born with congenital heart disease. Now he’s about to undergo critical surgery at Wolfson Medical Center thanks to the Save A Child’s Heart philanthropy BY ILAN BEN ZION December 23, 2013 Times of Israel HEBRON, West Bank — Bundled up […]

Why Israel an amazing place for a holiday, far more than a bible story

26 December, 2013


By FRANK BARRETT, MAIL ON SUNDAY TRAVEL EDITOR Time for a Christmas ‘Where are we?’ quiz. Identify the place recently named as the World’s Best Gay City (it’s also in the top ten of the world’s Ultimate Party Cities). It’s packed with nightclubs and cocktail bars – and it has a seaside so excellent it’s […]

JDU – Sussex Friends of Israel counter the BDS

26 December, 2013

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Posted on 23/12/2013 by Shirlee Finn – News and Views from Jews Down Under When I lived in the ‘Mother Country’, Brighton was a medium sized, peaceful seaside town situated on the south coast of England. It was always a good place for us Londoners to visit for the day and was a popular holiday […]

Israel visit is dream come true for Michael Gove

20 December, 2013

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By Marcus Dysch, December 20, 2013 Education Secretary Michael Gove said he had fulfilled a long-held ambition after visiting Israel for the first time. During the trip, which took place last week, he signed a deal with Israeli counterparts to strengthen education links, a move he said was evidence of the increasingly strong bilateral […]

Dead Sea to be linked to Red Sea by 112-mile underground pipe

11 December, 2013


By SARAH GRIFFITHS Daily Mail 10 December 2013 An ‘historic agreement’ designed to save the Dead Sea has been signed to link its dwindling body of water with the Red Sea using a 112 mile (180km) pipeline. The deal, named the Red-Dead Conduit, has been considered for years, but has finally been signed by The […]