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Sussex Friends of Israel is continuing to correct the misinformation being reported in the SUSSEX EXPRESS. This is the second open letter to Sussex Express from SFI on the subject of Southern Water’s metering programme in Lewes.

The Editor
Sussex Express
Temple House,
25-26 High Street,
East Sussex

19 September 2013

Dear sir

Southern Water Metering in Lewes

The latest phase of Southern Water’s universal metering programme is now coming to an end in Lewes and will be moving on to other parts of the county and in to Kent.

The metering programme in Lewes is actually coming to a successful conclusion, rather than being suspended due to customer opposition, as wrongly reported by Mr Briggs in last week’s letters.

The water company has been installing water meters that help residents to save water. They are also not ‘smart meters’, as inaccurately reported in Amanda Geary’s letter of September 7.

I am sure Lewes residents deserve to hear the truth in the pages of the Sussex Express, so that they can make up their own minds, rather than read the made up misinformation that is continuing to be reported.

The meters happen to come from Israel, more than 200,000 have been installed to date, a further 300,000 will be installed. The meters are good for Lewes residents, good for the environment and good for a few column inches of misinformation from the anti-Israel brigade.

Yours faithfully

Neil Duncanson
Director – Sussex Friends of Israel