Israel21C Photo of the week: The South Goes Red

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SFI desert flowers

In February every year, Israel’s desert turns red as the parched earth suddenly blossoms with millions of wild anemones.

you’ve never seen it, you should go. Every year, as spring arrives in Israel, the country’s parched desert turns a stunning shade of red as wild anemones bloom in profusion.

The Darom Adom (red south) festival begins in February after the winter rains when the hills and plains of the northern Negev are covered with a carpet of scarlet flowers.

Each weekend, numerous family-oriented activities take place in the south and if you get hungry as you walk amidst the flowers you can stop to buy special red south picnic baskets which contain a variety of organic local produce.

This week’s photograph was taken by ISRAEL21c reader, who shot the picture at the Be’eri Badlands Nature Reserve in the Western Negev.

“The kalaniot (anemones) were simply stunning,” Lisa, a blogger who writes about nature reserves and areas of beauty in Israel, said.