BoD’s Arkush: The Consequences of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘antisemitic views’

31 May, 2018

By Anna Mikhailova, Telegraph, 30.05.18 Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by one of Britain’s most senior Jewish leaders of holding “anti-Semitic views” which could drive Jewish people out of Britain if he becomes Prime Minister. Jonathan Arkush, the outgoing President of the Board of Deputies, said British Jews were for the first time asking “do […]

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Sociologist David Hirsh Digs Deep to Explain Antisemitism and The Left

3 May, 2018

Sussex Jewish News, February 2018, p. 14 Book Review by Winston PickettSometimes the first two sentences of an author’s work explain everything. At other times they offer hints of what’s to come. In David Hirsh’s case, they do both.“This book is about antisemitism in social spaces which think of themselves as anti-racist and democratic,” writes Hirsh, a […]

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Jeremy Corbyn can’t pretend he has only just noticed

27 March, 2018

The Labour leader refers to ‘pockets’ of antisemitism in his party but fails to say that for 30 years he was in them too   Hugo Rifkind, The TIMES, 26 March 2018   Did you know that Jeremy Corbyn’s mother fought at the Battle of Cable Street? I know it’s a well-kept political secret, a […]

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Ireland: Israeli products marked with yellow sticker

6 November, 2013


Itamar Eichner Published: 11.05.13, 12:33 / Israel News BDS movement places yellow stickers on Israeli products reading ‘For justice in Palestine – Boycott Israel’. Israeli Foreign Ministry : Yellow sticker – reminiscent of dark days of racism and incitement. A pro-Israeli activist residing in Dublin, Ireland, was shocked this week when he discovered that […]

If It’s The Truth About Israel You Want Don’t Shop At The Co-op

4 November, 2013

International | Local | National

An SFI support has written to Mr Euan Sutherland, Co-op Chief Executive following the recent Co-op Sussex Area Meeting in Brighton. SFI will report back when the reply is received. Euan Sutherland Esq Group Chief Executive The Co-operative Group 1 Angel Square Manchester M60 0AG 29 October 2013 Dear Mr Sutherland RE: OPEN COMPLAINT LETTER […]

The Methodist Church: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Briefing

25 October, 2013


Have your say and contribute to the consultation by The Methodist Church and let them know how you feel about Israel – thank you from the Sussex Friends of Israel. Introduction In July 2013 the Methodist Conference passed Notice of Motion 201. The motion requests the production of a briefing on the arguments for and […]

BBC: Would it be a disaster if Co-op Bank ‘fails’?

20 October, 2013

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By Robert Peston BBC Business Editor If a voluntary agreement to save Co-op Bank cannot be reached, would resolution – a formal admission that the bank had failed, and its temporary takeover by the Bank of England’s Special Resolution Unit – be such a terrible thing? Well, while this would be painful and embarrassing for […]

England’s Cooperative Wholesale Society and the Israel Boycott

20 October, 2013

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By Josephine Bacon The Algemeiner October 16, 2013 At the recent meeting of the North London Area Cooperative Movement on October 12, the area managers were asked about the Cooperative’s boycott of Israeli produce. Their answers weren’t convincing. The Cooperative Wholesale Society in England has a long and rather eventful history. It was originally founded […]

Demonizing Israel More Important Than Defending Christians?

9 October, 2013

International | National

By Michael Curtis American Thinker October 7, 2013 It continues to be a source of amazement that the mainstream Christian churches in the West and in the Middle East pay so little, if any, attention to the plight of Christians and the destruction of their churches in Arab and Muslim countries. Rather, they prefer to […]

Letter to the Sussex Express from The Zionist Federation

3 October, 2013

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The following letter was sent to the Sussex Express newspaper by Paul Charney, Chairman, Zionist Federation If the readers of the Sussex Express are genuinely interested in learning about Israel and Palestine, then MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) are one of the last organisations they should consult. There is no doubt that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict […]

The Commentator: Britain’s failing Israel boycott campaign

2 October, 2013

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By Nick Gray – The Commentator: The Israel boycott movement is (rather hilariously in the quoted case) flopping in the UK. Maybe steam is running out of any enthusiasm for boycott campaigns that have zero effect on Israel’s economy. Ever keen to boycott Israeli goods, even at the expense of the Palestinians they claim […]


25 September, 2013


The Zionist Federation today condemned in the strongest terms the latest campaign by Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). The campaign, which debuted in Oxford and Islington this week, focuses on the negative impact of security precautions on Palestinian patients seeking to enter Israel for medical treatment, without providing any necessary context, or mentioning that thousands […]

Did your Mother ever tell you… St George’s parish church, Belfast

3 September, 2013


By nifriendsofisrael on 03/09/2013 he parish magazine of St George’s in Belfast recently published an article reminding the Israeli Jews that two wrongs didn’t make a right. They had suffered the Holocaust but were now visiting something similar on a blameless people, the Palestinian Arabs. The editor graciously gave NIFI’s Steven Jaffe a right of […]

Pro-Israel Christians stage anti-bias protest at festival

29 August, 2013


By Simon Rocker, August 29, 2013 The Jewish Chronicle More than 100 Christian supporters of Israel staged a demonstration outside a religious festival on Sunday in protest at its stance on the Middle East. Waving Israeli flags and banners, they read biblical texts on the Jewish link to Israel at the entrance to the annual […]

Dialogue Between Christians and Jews is Vital

29 August, 2013


International Council of Christians and Jews Responding to Mark Braverman REVD. DAVID GIFFORD; ICCJ BOARD MEMBER | 29.08.2013 ICCJ Board member Revd David Gifford responds to a book written by Dr. Mark Braverman, in which Braverman argues that Christians involved in dialogue with Jews, on the Palestine issue, have sold out to an agenda of […]