Pro-BDS Protester Rages, Escorted Away by Police

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SFI Dick in the dock

Thank you Algemeiner!

A British supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement was escorted away by police during a demonstration in Brighton, England after aggressively yelling at a Jewish protester.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Monday shows the raging activist, identified in the clip only as “Dick,” losing his cool when someone in the crowd plays a kazoo. According to blogger Elder of Ziyon, the impromptu musician was a member of local pro-Israel group Sussex Friends of Israel.

Dick, who is seen brandishing a Palestinian flag in the video, shouts loudly in the man’s face. Two police officers then approach Dick from behind and escort him away.

To see Dick checkout SFI’s Facebook page or our Youtube channel, quite a few people have already…