“BDS, Go Away, EcoStream Is Here To Stay!”

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From Daphne Anson’s blogspot – thank you Daphne

In Brighton, Sussex Friends of Israel Take on the BDSers

Yesterday, BDSers held demos in London and in Brighton against EcoStream.

In Brighton, where the BDS movement musters strong and nasty (see here for example) supporters of Israel were in no mood for keeping calm.

Have a look at this video, showing a big counter-demo by Sussex Friends of Israel against the BDS rabble protesting outside the EcoStream shop in Brighton. Roars of “BDS, Go Away, EcoStream is here to stay!” compete with the cries of “Free Palestine!” from the Israel-hating mob.

“Boycott the Boycotters!” and “Racist scum!” are heard from the good side, where Israeli flags abound.

(It’s stuff to warms the cockles of many a pro-Israel heart!)

Meanwhile, John Lewis, arguably the best of the big department stores in London, and certainly the one that reports the best trading figures year after year, was the target of one of the anti-EcoStream demos: this video showing the action, but with no conversation recorded, has been uploaded by an anti-Israel activist of Jewish background, whose frequent comments on social media against Zionism and Zionists are often breathtakingly shameful in their intemperate, antisemitism-inducing nature.

Note how most passers-by on the video are literally that, shunning the anti-Israel propaganda on offer (which inevitably includes that ubiquitous, mendacious four-map set on a large placard).

Business for the Israel-haters is so slow that one female Israel-hater, a pashmina draped over ger hair in what is presumably a nod to Londonistan, looks at her watch, presumably out of boredom…

In the background can be seen a group of about half a dozen Israel-supporters, holding two Israeli flags.

They do appear to be keeping calm.